• Designing new Masters curriculum, with supporting documentation for quality assessment procedure (2017)
  • Visiting Lecturer, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK (2016). Introduction to legal translation
  • Visiting Lecturer, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University, Denmark (2016). Corpus linguistics applied to legal and financial translation
  • Supervision of Master’s dissertation ‘Optimal communication in legal translation: Challenging but feasible’, University of Bristol, UK, awarded to candidate 2015
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Legal Sciences, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies, Università degli studi di Trieste, Italy (2015), Remote workshop on legal translation
  • Legal translation modules, Master of Arts in Translation Studies (2013-14), University of Bristol, UK
  • Consultancy regarding examination outcomes
  • Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia (2013), Corpus linguistics and legal terminology
  • Examiner for the French Chamber of Commerce professional examinations in English
  • Administered a TOEIC testing centre
  • Participated in producing a CD-ROM to prepare the GCSE French examination

selected recent WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS delivered

  • Summer school on Legal English for Lawyers, Worcester College, University of Oxford, UK (2013)
  • Legal terminology workshop, Stridonium Professional Association, Hoog Holten, The Netherlands (2013)


At my language consultancy in France, from 1993-2006 I delivered tailor-made language-for-special-purposes training courses for all sizes of companies from multinationals to SMEs, primarily to management levels.

Examples include long-term training for in-house legal counsel on drafting language, differences between legal concepts, and contract terminology; or for chartered accountants and auditors working internationally on accounting standards, presentation of financial statements, and compliance procedures. 

I continue to offer these highly specialised language programs at locations to suit clients and on an ad hoc basis.