My research is highly interdisciplinary, in a constellation of fields around language and its acquisition and transfer, discourse analysis, law, business, and electronic technologies.

I have contributed articles to international journals as well as book chapters, and my monograph, Legal Translation Outsourced, was published by Oxford University Press in early 2019. As a regular speaker at conferences around the world, including giving plenaries and keynotes, I have a highly diverse network of colleagues, and am committed to reinforcing links between academia and practice, and to working across disciplines.

I bring to my research extensive experience as a practitioner, where my key achievements include the translation of: documents submitted for G20 meetings; major cases in corporate litigation, AML, white-collar crime, banking, and Financial Intelligence Unit reports; over 2,500 pages of EU legislation; correspondence between heads of state and governments; and the co-translation of the book Revolution by French President Emmanuel Macron.


I grew up in a bilingual family, and was educated and lived in the UK for 24 years. I lived in France for 16 years, in northern Italy for 7 years, and have lived between England, Italy, and France since 2013. I have dual nationality (English/French). My languages are English, French and Italian.


I have been a language and internationalization specialist for over 25 years. At the start of my career, I was assistant and then head of production at a commercial publishing house in the UK, where I gained considerable experience in negotiations and finance, as well as in editing and proofreading.

I then set up and ran a successful language consultancy in France offering executive language courses and internationalization assistance to all sizes of companies from multinationals to SMEs.
This was in parallel to working as a sworn translator, and from 1998-2008 I was appointed to the French Courts as an expert judiciaire in translation.

Working closely with law firms and in-house counsel throughout my time in France and subsequently in Italy has given me experience in a wide range of legal documents. I was the lead translator on an EU business development project for 6 years.


I successfully completed a PhD on legal translation with a thesis entitled Optimising the Performance of Outsourced Legal Translation. I also hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Commercial & Corporate Law and a Postgraduate Diploma in European Law. I hold an MA in Translation Studies; the Diplôme Supérieur d’Etudes Françaises from the Sorbonne University in Paris; and the highest level certificate from the Franco-Italian Chamber of Commerce for business Italian. I regularly undertake further training courses, as CPD is a passion of mine!


I am a member of the following: RELINE Legal Linguistics network, the Society of Legal Scholars, the Socio-Legal Studies Association, and the Law Society of England & Wales (International Division).


With a longstanding interest in technology, I make ample use in my research of qualitative data analysis software and of emerging electronic tools. Drawing from corpus linguistics scholarship, I have developed a corpus methodology for legal terms coined as NIFTY. As standard practice I use a variety of translation environment tools, workflow solutions and terminology management software.


I created and curate a blog devoted to building bridges between the translation, interpreting, and legal professions, and between academia and practice, entitled From Words to Deeds.
The blog aims to be a forum for a wide range of topics in these fields, and includes articles, book reviews, posts on conferences, news, resources, and training events, as well as guest entries. There is also a regular ‘Monday smile’ humorous feature. It has an international scope, with readers from 219 countries at the last count. Two international conferences have now taken place through this platform (2017, 2018).


I work for the United Nations Volunteers as a translator. I am an active member of Kiva, a micro-loan organization for supporting entrepreneurship and self-help in developing countries and countries affected by war and poverty. I have also assisted the New York Family Courts with translation for the underprivileged.